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Posted 13.09.2022

Flora's Scuba Diving Journey: Rescue Diver

Flora is a 17-year-old from Derby who recently undertook work experience with our friends at MSDS Marine. Having studied A-level Art, Photography and Business at Bilborough College in Nottingham she has just started studying marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University . MSDS Marine and Go Dive are supporting her on her journey to PADI Rescue Diver this year and Flora has been posting regular updates throughout her Open Water all the way through to Rescue Diver on the Go Dive blog pages.
Find out more about Flora and her work experience to date here.

PADI Rescue Diver

Stepping up to be a rescue diver is a big responsibility as it leaves you in a position where you have to be able, and ready, to assist with any dive incidents at any given time. I was excited to get my PADI Rescue Diver qualification as it adds to my current skills and gives me the ability to help others when I am diving.

I completed the PADI Rescue Diver course at Stoney cove and we started the day early as usual; it’s always early mornings with diving! We went mid week which meant the water was near enough empty giving us free reign of the 7meter shelf to practice the skills I was learning.

We started off with a dive briefing and got all our gear down by the water as the rescue diver course means your in and out all the time. Once we had done the briefing, and I had been shown some new skills, I started practising the skills. First were those I could try and learn on the side of the water and then gradually I made my way into the water where I practised surface skills like giving rescue breaths and kitting and un-kitting another diver. This part was exhausting as it was in and out the water with heavy gear and a lot of surface swimming which is hard!

Finally we developed my skills of search and recovery, where we acted out scenarios and I had to think fast, and act quickly, using my existing and newly developed skills. I really enjoyed this as it pushed my skills and knowledge and gave me some real confidence in knowing that I could help in a diving incident.

Overall this course was really helpful, fun and developed my skills that can now be used to help myself, my buddy or another diver if the worst is ever to happen. My next journey is to dive abroad and practice my skills in warmer, less murky waters… I can’t wait!


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