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The Underwater Photographer

Price in points: 4998 points

This is theFourth Edition of The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge. It has been revised to bring it right up to date and has some substantial additions to extend the readers appreciation of underwater photography both as an art and a technical challenge.

Now probably the most comprehensive of all the books on underwater photography, every aspect of this skill-come-art-form is explained. The author draws upon his extensive knowledge that spans the technilogical divide from the pre- to post-digital era to ensure that we can exploit the benefits of digital cameras and understand and manage the pitfalls. His clever use of anecdotes clarify the most complex concepts.

A superb hands-on manual, it covers:

  • The basics and beyond: theory & principles, equipment selection, subject choice 
  • The digital revolution: digital issues relevant to the underwater photographer, use of the LCD screen, histograms 
  • SLR cameras and digital compacts: exposure modes, metering patterns, focusing, exposure compensation, TTL flash issues 
  • The mindset: the philosophy behind successful underwater photography, "think and consider" 
  • The Big Four: composition, lighting, close up/macro, wide angle. 

If you are considering taking up the challenge of combining photography with your diving or want to get more from your camera underwater this book can get you there.

Softback 392 pages 19 x 25 cms.


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