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Suunto Vyper Novo

List price: £360.00  
You save: £65.00 (18%)
Price in points: 59000 points


The Suunto Vyper Novo is the newest in the Suunto Large Display Dive Computer Series. With a rugged exterior, gas switching, nitrox cababilities this dive computer is ready for all recreational and further advanced diving.

This computer is programmed with the excellent Suunto Deep Stop RGBM algorithm, a tried and tested decompression model that has been verified over millions of dives. It allows continuous decompression and has been created to give optimal ascent times to a decoing diver. The Deep Stop option adds an additional level of safety with a series of deep stops between a divers maximum depth and ceiling. The Suunto Vyper Novo also boasts a built in dive simulator, allowing divers to test potential dives before dropping into the water. It features large digits and a Matrix display that clearly shows critical dive information including dive profile graphs. After the dive, you can download the data to your PC and easily maintain a detailed logbook if you buy the optional discounted interface.

The Suunto Vyper Novo can be wirelessly integrated with an air pressure transmitter, allowing you to view tank pressure and remaining air time directly on your wrist. With one glance at your wrist you can veiw all dive critical information including dive time, NDL time remaining, current depth, maximum depth, temperature and more! When paired with a transmitter the Vyper Novo will caluclate your remaining dive time based on either tank pressure remaining or no decompress limit, which ever is less time.


Wireless air integration ready - current cylinder pressure, remaining air time

Integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass

Gas-switching capabilities between up to three gases (Oxygen up to 99 %)

Includes Computer Interface Cable to upload your diving data for logging on your PC/Mac using Suunto DM5 software

Suunto RGBM

Five modes: air, nitrox, gauge, free and off

Apnea timer for free diving

Timer in air/nitrox modes

Built-in dive planner

Protective rubber boot included in package with Bungee mount options

Technical Specification

Diving Technical Specification



Nitrox Capable

Ascent time display Up to 199 min

Dive time

0-999 min

Deep Stops

Safety Stop

CNS Calculation

Wireless Air Intergration

Gas Time

Deco Model Suunto RGBM

Operation mode Air

Operation mode Free

Operation mode Nitrox

Operation mode Watch

Operation Mode Apnea

Personal Adjustment 0 - 2

Altitude Adjustment

0-300m/ 300-1500m/1500m - 3000

Gas Max PO2

1.2 - 1.6

Gas Switching

3 Gases, Oxygen 21 - 99%

Dive Planner

Dive time in seconds and minutes In free mode

Lifetime history Freedive

Lifetime history Scuba


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