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Standard postage cost is £3.99 per order to mainland UK addresses. Cylinders are £10 per cylinder.

There are 3 main criteria to be considered when choosing a fin:

power, efficiency & kick style. The first 2 are largely related to design characteristics,which in turn dictate the kick style that should be used to obtain maximum benefit from that design.

Blade V Split: Blade fins are more effiient but often more physically demanding. However vents and pivot control ribs provide more flexibility on blade fins to obtain maximum performance with less effort. Split fins are extremely flexible and are less strenuous to use than blade fins, however they require a very different kick style to control the propeller like movement of the split blades.

Articulated Fins: Instead of the gradual curve of a traditional fin,articulated fins have a joint ( like a tail of a whale or dolphhin )that allows the blade to pivot. This technology maintains the power,acceleration and maneuverability of an efficient blade with limited fatigue. The entire blade now generates an effortless thrust.


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