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Wetsuits & Skin Suits

Standard postage cost is £3.99 per order to mainland UK addresses. Cylinders are £10 per cylinder.

IMPORTANT! Size matters a lot!

Especially when it comes down to wetsuits. No two bodies are the same shape, despite similarity in measurements or weight, everybody is unique. A size chart gives only a rough estimation of where to start looking. A wetsuit should fit like a second skin, and to make that happen it should be mandatory to visit an authorised retailer and try on the suit to ensure a perfect fit. We advise specifically against buying from other sources, better safe than sorry, seek the support from your local retailer.

A great range of scuba diving wetsuits & semi dry wetsuits from Go Dive. We supply wetsuits and semi dry suits for all types of scuba diving and general watersports. Thinner 3mm wetsuits for diving in the tropics to thicker 5mm or 7mm wetsuits & semi drysuits for diving in cooler waters around the world

Check out this useful advice on repairing small / fingernail cuts on a wetsuit REPAIR ADVICE


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