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Gun Cylinder FAQ's

FAQ's For Gun Cylinders

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions regarding our gun charging cylinders.

1) Does the cylinder come with a test certificate when its new?

No, The cylinder has a date of manufacture stamped around the neck. The cylinder is good for 5 years from this date. Your filling station will check the date and remind you when it comes around. After its first test ( 5 years after manufacture ) the cylinder will be stamped again and a test certificate will then be issued.

Remember the 'test' starts from the date it is manufactured NOT the date you purchase! We have a large turnover of cylinders so our cylinders will always be the latest available.

2) Do I need anything else to fill my gun?

The gun cylinder we sell comes with all that is needed to fill your gun. You will have a filling probe that comes with the gun. Screw that into the end of the hose we supply and you are ready.

If your gun uses a 'buddy bottle ' system then the hose is not required. Give us a call and we can explain this system.

3) I have received my cylinder. Why is there no air in it?

For safety reasons the cylinders have to be sent out empty. The couriers will not carry pressurised cylinders. Your local gun shop or dive shop will fill the cylinder for you.

4) How do I know how much air is in the cylinder? The gauge is reading empty even though I have just filled it.

The gauge will always read zero until it is pressurised. You can purchase a contents checker from our website for £9.99. This screws into the valve and allows you to read the pressure on the gauge. Buy 1 here

5) How many fills will I get from the cylinder?

The number of fills is approx and is based on a 200cc rifle cylinder being filled to 200 bar

3 Ltr = 15 fills

4 Ltr = 20 fills

5 Ltr = 25 fills

7 Ltr =358 fills

12 Ltr = 60 fills

6) What size are the cylinders?

The cylinder dimensions ( approx )are as follows:

3 Ltr = 63cm height , 10cm diameter, 4kg weight

4 ltr = 53cm height , 14cm diameter , 6.2 kg

7 ltr = 76cm height , 14cm diameter , 9.6 kg

12 ltr = 79cm height , 19cm diameter , 16 kg


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