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Dive Team O2 Clean Compact Gauge 6 Inch Hose
£55.95 £49.99
Dive Team O2 clean compact pressure gauge on 6 inch hose. This is suitable to be used with higher Oxygen mixtures. Supplied on a rubber 6 inch hose and...

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Dive Rite Horizontal Bellows Pocket
£49.95 £44.95
Dive Rite bellows horizontal pocket with daisy chain. Accessory pocket that builds upon technology from the backpacking industry. The new pocket...

Personal Air Filter Service Kit
Complete servicing kit for the personal air filter. use after 1 year or 100 fills. Contains activated charcoal, O rings & filters

Ankle Weights
Ankle Weights - 0.5kg per ankle An ingot type ankle weight, 6 pieces per ankle. 25mm slide release buckle for easy fastening. Made from: high quality...

Stainless Steel Weight Belt Buckle
50mm Stainless steel buckle. Will fit 5omm ( 2 inch ) webbing 

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Aqua Lung i450 Computer
£450.00 £385.00
The i450 is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new...

Bowstone Accessories Pouch
Bowstone accessories pouch This spacious pouch will slide onto 50mm webbing and has a large velcroed flap. Size 22cms x 23cms x 8cms.

Kubi Replacement Gloves
Replacement drygloves for the Kubi dryglove system. They may fit other makes but please check. Black Rubber latex 1.6mm thickness. Thicker 2.4mm latex...

Scissors In Pouch
Scissors in pouch Great to carry for emergency's. Will cut line, rope etc A pair of stainless steel scissors in a pouch. The pouch can be attached to...

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Dive Team Compact Gauge 32 Inch Hose
£53.95 £49.99
Dive Team compact pressure gauge and 32 inch hose. Brass case in rubber housing and 32 inch rubber hose. Reads up to 400 bar. Available in Tech Black...

Trim Weight Pouch
Trim weight pouch. A small pouch designed to carry up to 2 Kilos (4 lbs). Pinch clip release. Can slide onto 50mm webbing. It is designed to be...

Cressi Palau Classic SAF
GREAT SNORKELLING FIN. SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT, ELASTIC HEEL STRAP FOR BARE FEET This has the same characteristics as the Palau Classic model but has a...