12 Ltr 232 bar Sidemount Cylinder

Beaver Sports

12 LTR 232 BAR Sidemount cylinder – FLAT BOTTOM  1 cylinder

Supplied with sidemount valve – please select valve on options.

Valve side is taken from standing BEHIND the cylinder with handwheel on left or right !!

. Choose breathing air or Nitrox label

Slightly longer in length gives a better trim position in the water.

Our cylinders are supplied O2 clean for mixed gas compatibility and ready for use with Nitrox or Trimix with O2 clean valves & equipment and include a M25 X 2 thread cylinder valve with EN-144-3 outlet which allows use with INT or G 5/8 DIN attachments when the DIN Insert is removed using an 8mm Allen Key.

A High Tensile Polymer cylinder boot which allows vertical storage is also included.

Measures 171mm in diameter and 690mm in length, plus boot and valve and weighs approximately 15.4 Kgs all inclusive when empty.

12 Litre capacity with a Maximum Working Pressure of 232 Bar, providing 2784 Litres of gas when fully charged.


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