Ammonite LED Two Dive Torch



Compact primary light.

High power output ( 800 LM ) and very narrow light distribution angle.( 10 DEG )

Reliable and easy to use.

The LED TWO’s body is made of the light and durable DELRIN material.

The aluminium head of the torch is coated with a layer of hard anodised, resistant to mechanical damage, weather factors and salty water. The XPG2 LED made by Cree, – the source of the torch’s light – is powered directly from the battery, ensuring high reliability of the product and very high lighting intensity. The head connects to the handle with a long thread, sealed with three o-rings, which prevents the torch from incidental water penetration while switching it off by unscrewing the head from the body too forcefully. In order to further increase the reliability of the light’s operation, a telescopic switch mechanism was applied as an Ammonite System proprietary design solution. The eyelet at the end of the body enables threading of an up to 6 mm diameter line. The torch is sold in a box with an instruction manual. Batteries are not included.


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