Aqua Lung Argonaut Stunt Knife



The Argonaut Knife one of the best and toughest knives – now available in a smaller version called the Argonaut Stunt. The butt, handle, hilt

and blade are all fashioned out of one piece of 4mm thick 420 Stainless Steel and coated in black EDP, sharpened and laser etched. The handle is

wrapped, twice, in 5mm paracord and tied off with a 12.7cm (5 in.) leash. 2mm thick Kydex plastic is heated and thermoformed around the knife to

make the sheath. The sheath comes attached to a 2″ belt loop and with BC mounting hardware.The blade is available in two styles: the Spartan and

the Blunt. The Spartan comes to a spear head point with one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope. The Blunt comes to

a blunt chisel like tip. One full side of the Blunt blade is die cut with rounded serrations.The handles are wrapped from the hilt to provide a spot for the

forefinger and extra grip for the sheath. The butt of the handle features a sharp tactical tool and the skeleton holes in the handle are hex wrenches for

emergency situations.

Blade and Handle are made of 4mm thick 420 Stainless Steel with an EDP coating

  • The handle is double wrapped in 5mm paracord.
  • The blade comes in 2 styles, Spartan and Blunt.
  • The blade is 7.7cm (3 in.) long and the handle is 10.1cm (4 in.)
  • The butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, braking and crushing.
  • The sheath is a locking 2mm thick Kydex with 1/8′ grommets. The strap holes are 2.5cm (1 in.) long and 0.65cm (1/4 in.) wide.
  • Comes with belt loop webbing extension and BC mounting hardware


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