Aqua Lung Core Supreme Regulator & Octopus


 Aqua Lung Core Supreme Regulator.

Aqua Lung are pleased to introduce the new mid-range Core Supreme regulator. This regulator is not only light weight and travel friendly, it comes as standard with the Aqua Lung’s auto-closure device (ACD). The ease of breathing is rated superior on the ANSTI breathing machine. All this, along with an attractive mid-range price, makes the Core Supreme a sure value.

The auto-closure device (ACD) keeps corrosive water out of the first stage to ensure top performance

  • The balanced diaphragm first stage, by the nature of its design, is environmentally sealed and provides superior, consistent performance
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in superior ease-of-breathing
  • Available in yoke (3300 psi / 232 bar max) or din (4350 psi / 300 bar max)
  • The T-shape of the first stage optimizes the location of the 4 MP ports and 2 HP ports
  • Uses parts that are common to other Aqua Lung models for easier servicing
  • 2 years service schedule
  • The easy-to-grip venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow at the surface while giving a performance boost at depth
  • Equipped with Aqua Lung’s patented Comfo-bite mouthpiece along with a reusable mouthpiece clamp. Also comes with a removable lip guard.
  • The Supreme cold water version is resistant to freezing when diving in waters colder than 50°F / 10°C
  • The Supreme version of the first stage is over-balanced resulting in superior performance.

Comes Complete with the Aqualung Core Supreme Octopus.

Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in superior ease-of breathing – The venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow when not in use – High visibility 39inch  yellow hose and high visibility yellow cover makes it easy to locate in an emergency.


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