Hollis AUG 450 Trousers



The AUG 450 Bottoms uses two layers of fleece material for excellent thermal performance without the weight and bulk of other thicker undersuits.

The AUG 450 Bottoms are available in both male and female cuts using two layers of fleece material for extra thermal protection needed for colder water conditions. The AUG 450 is ideal paired with the AUG Base for a complete layered solution beneath a membrane drysuit, offering a lightweight, low bulk, snug fitting and comfortable thermal solution. The double layer 450g/sqm material works by trapping air (which is a much better insulator) in layer upon layer and managing its movements whilst diving to help prevent heat loss. Moisture and perspiration is wicked quickly away from the skin to improve comfort and reduce the chilling effect of water on the skin.

The blend of polyester and spandex allows the leggings to be cut close to the body without being restrictive, providing additional stretch and flex in the panels to help maintain the fit and close contact to the skin. The panel seams are securely stitched using strong nylon thread in a flat lock stitch that prevents skin discomfort. The lower leg uses just one layer of fleece to allow the AUG Socks to be fitted over the top without creating excess build and restricting movement.

The leggings are fitted with an elasticated waist and tie cord to secure the waist. Ankle stirrups ensure the material does not migrate when donning your drysuit or during the dive.


97% Polyester

3% Spandex 450g/sqm double layer fast wicking fleece

Flat lock stitching

Elasticated waist with tie cord

Ankle stirrups



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