Hollis LTS – Light Travel System


LTS – Light Travel System from Hollis.

The LTS Light Travel System is a lightweight travel solution for divers that demand quality and durability but still need to travel within strict weight limits. Incorporating key features from our popular HD200, the LTS is a weight integrated back inflation design with 30lbs/13.6kg of lift with a simple, non-modular design that stows easy and weighs only 2.27kg.

The LTS is our latest offering for travelling divers that don’t want to compromise on durability or functionality but still need a lightweight BC. The LTS blends key features of our technical / recreational HD200 BC to create a comfortable and versatile BC with a 360 degree donut style wing that delivers 30lbs / 13.6kg of lift. D-rings have been positioned on the chest and hips to provide those that still want to dive with a sling bottle or need additional mounting points for other equipment.

The light and open harness features quick release and adjustable buckles to the shoulder, chest and waist straps for easy fitting and removal. The LTS incorporates a dumpable weight pocket in each side that will accept up to 5lbs / 2.27kg of weight to help distribute weight for trimming purposes.

Buoyancy is controlled via our standard inflator system with easily operated inflate and deflate buttons. A large oval shaped corrugated hose allows air to flow quickly and efficiently between the inflator and the wing without causing the drag of a traditional circular profile hose. The inflator also has a pull dump function which will vent air from the shoulder if pulled.

The wing uses an external bungee cord to help reduce drag when the wing is deflated by collapsing the wing back in towards the body. A second pull dump is located on the lower left side with a short pull toggle. Cylinders are securing using a single cam band towards the bottom the backplate and a stabilising strap at the top that maintains the correct trim and weight transfer to the hips.

  • Ideal for traveling divers, weighs only 5lbs/2.27kg
  • 30lbs/13.6kg of lift capacity
  • Comfortable backpad
  • Chest and hip d-rings for accessories or sling bottle
  • Rugged 1000D nylon outer cover with 420D internal bladder
  • 5lbs dumpable integrated weight system
  • Available in four sizes SM, MD, LG, XL


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