Thermulation Compact Heated Top



70 MTR depth rating.

Single heating zone – Around back

3 level temperature settings

Wired control unit

Micro temperature control.

Lycra material.

Up to 500 charges.

Crafted with the same ingenuity that brought you the Thermalution Surf Series; the Thermalution Compact Dive Series will show you a dive you will never forget.Redefine Diving.

Diving is a sport that is a combination of exploration, adventure, excitement and unfortunately, coldness. What if there was a way to remove cold from the equation? Enter the Thermalution Compact Dive Series; replacing the coldness with an unparalleled blanket of comfort.Take Control.

There are some things in life that cannot be controlled. Don’t let the temperature of your Compact Dive Series be one of them.

The waterproof controller allows you to command it to heat up or cool down during your dive. Toastiness is served, Your Highness.

XS – 30″~33″ / 76~85cm

S – 33″~36.5″ / 85~92.7cm

M – 36.5″~40″ / 92.7~102cm

L – 40″~43.5″ / 102~111cm

XL – 43.5″~46.75″ / 111~118.8cm

XXL – 46.75″~50″ / 118.8~127cm


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