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Oceanic Manta Ray Fin

List price: £115.00  
You save: £25.01 (22%)
Price in points: 17998 points
Cash Back Points Earned: 4000 points


Inspired directly from the shape and biomechanics of marine animals. Three different materials combine to provide maximum speed, power, efficiency while also remaining durable & lightweight!

The Oceanic Manta Ray Fin is here! Available in 4 bright colours: Blue, Titanium, White and Yellow.

Our new soft-pad heel spring strap has a unique ergonomic finger-loop that makes getting these fins on or off in any situation a snap. We’ve also replaced the standard buckle attachment points with our new Easy Buckle Adjustment (EBA) system. The EBA system allows precise adjustments for a custom and comfortable fit at anytime and without tools.

This unique and unparralled combination of materials and technology will deliver performance where ever and whenever you need it; from demanding currents and rough surf to long surface swims, the Manta Ray will get you there.


• Techno-Polymer Blade – Advanced materials provides the strength of bone to maximize power, speed and efficiency, while being extremely lightweight and durable.

• Power-X System – This revolutionary material acts as tendon and joint, optimizing propulsion by flexing during the downstroke and releasing stored energy prior to the upstroke.

• Power Channel – The flexible center channel simulates the elasticity of skin by directing water flow off the back of the blade for increased thrust. • Soft-Pad Heel Strap – Our newly designed heel strap has a comfortable and ergonomic finger-loop which allows the fin to be easily removed & replaced, even with thick neoprene gloves.

• Easy Buckle Adjustment (EBA) – Our unique EBA buckle adjustment system allows for more than 2″ (5 cm) of precise adjustments for a custom fit without tools.

• Winglets – These have been positioned along the length of the blade to increase efficiency and improve maneuverability.