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We are proud to be an Apeks and Aqua Lung Premier Service Centre & IDEST Cylinder Test Centre

We can service all makes of regulators, BCD's and test cylinders all in house

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We service all makes and models of cylinders, regulators, BCD's and drysuits

Regular servicing of your diving equipment is very important to ensure safe and reliable performance and to ensure the equipment (which can be expensive) lasts as long as possible. Our in-house service technicians are highly skilled and will ensure that your equipment is properly maintained and ready for your next underwater adventure wherever that may be. Diving regulators should be serviced at regular intervals depending on time and the amount of use they have. Cylinders have test dates and are subject to regulations, if your cylinder is out of date, or in poor condition, most air fill stations will refuse to fill it. If you are unsure if something needs servicing we will be able to help.

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Hydrostatic Test £50
Visual Inspection £40 (diving cylinders only)
Surface / Gun cylinders £50
O2 clean only £25
Shot blast £20
Twinset build/breakdown £20
New valve when fitted at test £30
Zinc and repaint £70

Regulators (Full Sets)

Apeks £80
Apeks Flight £90
Oceanic £120
Cressi £100
Scubapro £80
Aqua Lung £80
Mares from £90
Poseidon from £100
Sherwood from £100
O2 cleaning £25

Watch our time lapse film of a regulator being serviced by our senior technician. There is more to it than you may think!

Regulators (1st & 2nd Stage Only)

Apeks £60
Aqualung £60
Oceanic £80
Cressi £75
Scubapro £67.50
O2 clean £25

Prices above are for labour, service kits, cleaning & lubrication. Any other parts required are extra but the team will call to discuss this with you if required.



Latex neck £65
Latex wrists pair £60 / single £30
Neoprene Neck £85
Neoprene Wrists pair £75 /single £40
Pressure test £30
Zip replacement £199
Heavy duty zip replacement £230
Plastic zip replacement £199
Boots £170
Neoprene socks £115
Pee zip £150
Ankle seals pair / single / latex socks £60 \ £35 \ £55
sup & fit silicone neck system £155
sup & fit Kubi glove system inc gloves £320

We can repair all makes of neoprene and membrane drysuits and wetsuits. We also sell all the items you need to repair suits yourself please see our spares & repairs section.

Computer Battery Change

Aqualung / Oceanic £35
Aladin / UWATEC £100
Suunto in house / send away £35/ £55
Other makes £55
Transmitter £30
BCD Service £30


Go Dive can service all makes of BCD / Wings
Standard manufactures service £30 inc service parts

Cylinder Fill Prices

232 bar
Up to 3 Litre £4
Up to 12 Litre £5
Up to 15 Litre £6
300 bar
All 300 bar air fills are £8 per cylinder - regardless of size

Nitrox fills

232bar 3 LTR 7LTR 11LTR 12LTR 15LTR
32% £5 £7 £8 £8 £10
36% £6 £8 £9 £9 £11
50% £8 £12 £17 £17 X
80% £10 £18 £24 £24 X
100% £12 £25 £40 £40 £50

Trimix fills

Charged at 3 pence per litre of helium used, 2 pence per litre of oxygen used plus £1.50
Where at all possible we prefer customers to leave cylinders with us for Trimix fills. We advise you contact the store to check helium levels before visiting