11.1 Ltr ( 80 Cft ) Aluminium & Apeks Deco Set


11 Litre Stage Package: This pack contains.

1 x O2 clean 11lt aluminium stage cylinder (also known as 80 Cft )
Much better than steel as they are almost neutrally buoyant in the water. This allows the cylinder to float up behind you out of the way.

The cylinder comes ready for use with up to 100% Oxygen.

  • 207 Bar
  • Diameter: 184mm
  • Length: 662mm
  • Weight: (empty) 14.2kg
  • Buoyancy: (empty) +1.80kg
  • Standard valve

1 x Apeks XTX50 Nitrox regulator. 75 cm flexi regulator hose.
The best deco reg money can buy. Fit the first stage horizontally allowing perfect routing of regulator hose when stowed away

1 x Stage rigging kit. Includes 120mm s/s clips and steel jubilee band.
Strongly stitched webbing strap with smooth plastic cover to make comfortable handle.

1 x O2 pressure gauge on 6″ hose.



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