12 Litre 300 Bar Charging Kit


 12 litre 300 bar gun charging kit. 

  • Supplied with a 5-year test from date of manufacture.
  • 300 bar
  • Easi screw bleed
  • Removable Flow restrictor
  • Easy read gauge
  • Comes with boot & 50cm hose

The system includes the charging hose just screw in your quick fill filling adapter and your ready to go. If you fill a buddy bottle simply remove the hose (you can sell it at your club) connect the buddy bottle to the filling adapter and you’re ready to go.

The optional cylinder carry strap will prevent damage to the bottom of the cylinder and let you stand the cylinder up.

This system will give you approximately 60 fills per charge based on a 200cc rifle cylinder

Please note: You must read the charging instructions supplied with your gun, DO NOT overcharge your gun.

As a general rule most guns are charged to 190 bar



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