7 Ltr Aluminium Cylinder & Apeks Deco Set


7 Litre Stage Package:

This pack contains.

1 x O2 clean 7 lt aluminium stage cylinder with standard valve.

The perfect cylinder for a stage!

207 Bar

Diameter: 152mm

Length: 620mm

Weight: (empty) 9.8kg

Buoyancy: (empty) +1.87kg

1 x Apeks XTX50 Nitrox regulator.75cm flexi regulator hose.
The best deco reg money can buy. Fit the first stage horizontally allowing perfect routing of regulator hose when stowed away

1 x Stage rigging kit. with 120mm s/s boltsnaps. Everything that is needed to connect the cylinder to your wing.

1 x O2 pressure gauge on 6″ hose.


NOTE: Cylinder supplied in Natural finish.


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