Ammonite LED Nautilus Torch Kit 24Ah



As an experienced diver, you know perfectly how it is difficult to find a dive light that’s bright, durable, lightweight and works reliably in almost every conditions.

LED NAUTILUS is all that, but above these, it offers the adjustable beam angle (focusable) that switches between an intense focus to a wide perfectly round beam.

This innovative dive light utilizes the latest COB Cree CXB chip and Fresnel lens that allows providing  impressive 4000 lumens of light and smoothly adjust the light beam to as low as 9 degrees and as high as 45 degrees.

LED NAUTILUS can be combined with different cables (E/O cord, Standard or Sidemount cable ) and different batteries (ACCU TYPE 24, ACCU TYPE 14 and ACCU TYPE 10) or heating batteries (ACCU THERMO 24, ACCU THERMO 14, ACCU THERMO 24 Special).


  • corona medium
  • focus 9º – 45º
  • light outputup to 4000 lm
  • total power 40 W
  • material hard anodised aluminium / DELRIN®
  • max. length 140 mm
  • type of optics focusable -fresnel lens
  • max. diameter 60 mm
  • colour temperature cool white
  • front glass 5 mm tempered
  • power source external rechargeable battery
  • weight 415 g
  • switch type magnetic switch
  • 3 levels of light intensity
  • discharge warning message
  • take me home mode
  • weight in water 150 g
  • max. operation depth 150 m
  • light source1xCXB LED CREE®


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