Apeks ATX40 / 40 / DS4 Regulator Set


Apeks ATX40 Regulator, ATX40 Octopus & DS4 First stage, complete with hoses.

Probably the most popular regulator in the world !!

The ATX40 / DS4 features a smaller, lighter, lower profile 2nd stage than the TX40 2nd stage.

We believe that your regulator should be as flexible as you are, so the ATX40 retains our well proven diver adjustable venturi together with a ‘technician-adjustable’ balanced second stage and balanced first stage. The combination of this second stage and the ‘DRY SEALED’ first stage offers an excellent regulator for diving anywhere in the world at a very competitive price. The design of the second stage offers a smooth breathe which enhances your dive enjoyment.


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