Apeks ATX40 / DS4 Regulator


Apeks ATX40 regulator is the most popular regulator sold.

Used around the world in schools,clubs, as stage regulators and on twin sets.

The Apeks ATX 40 regulator with a DS4 1st stage is is perfect for all conditions.

The Apeks ATX40 second stage comes complete with the tried and tested DS4 1st stage. This is available with either an A Clamp first stage or a 300 bar DIN fitting (as shown above).

The ATX 40 retains the well proven diver adjustable venturi together with a ‘technician-adjustable’ balanced second stage and balanced first stage. The combination of this second stage and the DRY SEALED first stage offers an excellent regulator for diving anywhere in the world at a very competitive price.


First Stage

  • No swivel turret 4 medium pressure ports
  • 4 x 3/8″ UNF 1 high pressure ports
  • 1 x 7/16″ UNF Environmentally dry sealed system
  • Polished chrome finish Balanced for superior performance

Second Stage

  • Pneumatically balanced system – reduces breathing effort
  • Heat exchanger for cold water diving
  • Integrated Venturi Control Micro adjuster
  • Extremely efficient exhaust valve Compact integrated exhaust
  • Comfo Bite mouthpiece – for comfort and to reduce jaw fatigue

Total Regulator Weight: Yoke (A Clamp) 1130g or DIN 990g


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