Apeks Twin Gauge


Apeks twin gauge and hose ( 80cm )

Apeks FLEXI hose available as an upgrade.

Pressure gauge & depth gauge.

Apeks is renowned throughout the world for quality dive equipment and as much care is taken with the manufacture of our gauge consoles as we take with our breathing apparatus. Our 2 Gauge console combines a pressure (contents) gauge and a depth gauge housed in a specially designed case. The unit is completed with a high pressure hose.

The console clearly displays your pressure and depth readings for easy viewing under water and the dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions. The Pressure Gauge provides accurate pressure readings with a range of 360 bar (imperial versions are also available with a range up to 5000 psi). Both gauges surpass the EN 250 standard.

The sleek styling of the housing offers a low profile unit and an extremely comfortable grip. There are 2 attachment areas integrated into the design for position flexibility. The design marries seemlessly with Apeks regulators such as the XTX range and the Flight range. This may be a compact design but the displays are vivid and clear – perfect for diving. For example the depth gauge spreads the first half of the scale and in total shows a range down to 70m (imperial version – 230 feet). This gauge fulfils the requirements according to DIN EN 13319. Both the pressure and the depth gauges surpass the standards required, including those laid down for accuracy, and they are made with high shock-resistant windows, which is a must for divers.

Co-ordinated equipment is always aesthetically pleasing and the console is available in 3 colours (pictured below) which perfectly match our new Flight regulator range. The Flight range has been designed to meet the needs of the travelling diver and is the lightest regulator in the world. This slim-line console unit is the perfect companion. The increasingly stringent weight requirements of modern day air travel mean that weight is becoming more and more of an issue. The Apeks slim-line consoles help in this regard, but also offer excellent in-water functionality. There is no need to compromise on either quality or ease of use.


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