Apeks XTX40 / DS4 regulator


Apeks XTX40 with DS4 first stage. Includes 75cm Flexi hose.

The XTX 40 DS4 offers an affordable entry into the excellent high performing and coldwater rated Apeks range of regulators.

The DS4 first stage provides four low pressure ports and a single high pressure port on a compact body. Coldwater protection is provided by a dry chamber environmental seal to prevent ice crystals forming on the main spring and other critical parts. A balanced diaphragm design ensures consistent high performance and air flow regardless of depth or cylinder pressure.

The XTX 40 second stage provides a reliable high air flow by using a balanced valve assembly. The inlet to the valve is fitted with a heat exchanger that helps dissipate cold generated by the air as it decompresses between each stage. A full metal valve body further assists cold transfer to the surrounding water, reducing the risk of ice crystals forming in extreme cold conditions. A venturi adjustment lever on the side of the housing gives the diver control over the flow of the gas inside the housing, allowing maximum flow to the mouthpiece or improved free flow resistance for when not in use.

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