AquaLung Pro HD BCD


Aqua Lung Pro HD bcd

The Pro HD is a wrap-around jacket with weight integration that is sure to appeal to a wide range of divers. It provides excellent value because it is so feature-rich for the price. Wherever you want to take it, it’s ready to go.

SureLock II Weight Release Safe, single-pull weight release with patented SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System.ResisteK Material Looks good, and stays that way: made of new, technologically advanced ResisteK material to resist fading and abrasion in saltwater and chlorine

Backpack Handle Easy to carry: proprietary backpack has built-in handle Your Height Is Right Positioning strap lets you set the preferred height each time

Your Weight Is Great Adjustable waistband to accommodate a wide range of sizes

Tank Band Pockets Fixed pockets on the tank band to increase weight capacity and help provide proper trim in the water

Large Pull Bobs Easy to find and grip while wearing thick gloves

Configurable Some divers may prefer to run their instruments behind the left pocket and out the scooped opening on top, in front of the lobe. Utility Pockets Easy-access utility pockets have two-way zippers with zipper pulls

Smooth, Flat Valves Proprietary flat valves further reduce drag

Octo Pocket Scooped octo-pocket

Adjustable Chest Strap Adjustable sliding chest strap can be raised or lowered on a rail system for added comfort. Helps you avoid drysuit valves Gear Up!

Multiple pockets, D-rings, and knife attachment points make stowing and accessing gear easy


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