Beuchat Focea Comfort 6 Ladies 5mm Semi-dry Suit


Top of the range wetsuit suitable for cold and temperate waters.

  • Modular 5mm one-piece suit with collar
  • Ultra soft “Elaskin” Neoprene for increased comfort and freedom of movement. “Fireskin” lining for greater isothermic protection in the areas that are most sensitive to the cold (particularly the chest).
  • Available in navy and black with two anatomically flattering white “V” shapes and white vertical oversewn seams to accentuate the sporty design.
  • High quality anatomical and preformed cut.
  • “Flex System”: preformed and embossed inside the knee and elbow areas for wider range of movement. Thinner flex panels (-1 mm) and seamless joints to reduce friction around the armpits, inner elbows and behind the knees. Preformed lumbar curve for a closer fit.
  • Outer Supratex reinforcements on shoulders, elbows and knees for increased suit lifespan and flexibility.
  • Comfort embossed with raised pattern on knees to imitate underwater rocks.
  • Use of special resin ink to limit wear and tear onthe shoulders, buttocks and chest.
  • Thinner face seals (-1mm) with a seamfree area around the face for greater comfort, water-tightness and durability.
  • Smooth inner collar for increased water-tightness and finely adjustable elastic velcro closure with a non-aggressive grip (does not grasp onto the jersey or seams).
  • Double wrist and ankle seals with zips and an interior seal which overturns, with interior jersey lining and a smooth neoprene outer, to strike a balance between robustness and ease of entry and the water-tightness of the smooth neoprene once reversed.
  • The end of the assembly seam of interior seals is cut at 45° for more seam elasticity and robustness during entry / exit.
  • Collar with a small front zip equipped with a taut Elaskin gusset, integrated into an anatomically cut hoodless one-piece suit for maximum comfort.
  • Long “G-lock plus” back zipper and Beuchat-patented neoprene underflap with ribbed “Water Dam System for increased water-tightness.
  • Concealed wrist and ankle zips with flatlock seams for increased water-tightness and discretion.
  • Reinforced neoprene at the end of all zips to limit tearing.
  • Flatlock neoprene seams, bound on both sides.
  • External seal edges for increased durability.
  • Interior seal edges cut for increased flexibility.
  • EN 14225-1 CLASS B (Temp. 10°C –> 18°C)

NOTE: Some sizes are special order and delivery would be approx 10 days



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