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APD45 – 45m Ratcheted Pocket Reel with High-vis Dyneema Floating Line

The unique benefits of the new Ratcheted Pocket Reel include:

  • Sits comfortably in the palm of the hand and can be easily stowed (only 8cm in diameter)
  • 45m of high-visibility Dyneema line which is twice as strong as Kevlar and stronger than steel.
  • The totally enclosed design prevents bird-nest tangling, a common problem with open reels.
  • Features a loud audible Ratchet-click when winding-in which aids the diver in judging ascent speed and/or lets other divers know you are returning or ascending.
  • Simple on/off thumb-lock switch to change between ratchet and free-running modes when deploying the line.

For use as both a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Reel and/or a Navigation Reel:

  • The line is positively buoyant which means it will rise above the sea-bed or wreckage when played out, helping to avoid entanglement and delay on the return journey.
  • The wrist loop can be tightened onto the wrist when used as a navigation line, leaving your hands free for other tasks.
  • The wrist loop is easily removed for safe deployment of an SMB.*
  • The thumb-lock switch features a lock-off / tap-to-release design so that you do not have to keep your thumb on it in free-running mode.


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