Custom Divers Quick Release Coupling

Custom Divers

Custom Divers quick release tank coupling.

The CDQR4 cylinder quick release coupling incorporates a unique spring action combined locking system (patent pending). This dual purpose coupling offers a new way in which to mount your wing system to twin or single cylinder configurations. This unit can also be used to mount a pony tank and/or torch battery housing.

Fitting is straightforward. With the additional fittings provided, mount the male or female part of the coupling in the middle of your twin-set via the bolts that secure your stainless steel cylinder twinning bands. Alternately, mount your single tank via cam bands or stainless steel ‘jubilee’ bands (not included). The other half of the coupling is attached to the wing system by using the bolt kit provided. Next, simply sleeve the coupling together. Before mating the couplings together, lift the locking pin handle and, once fully mated, release and ensure that the couplings are locked together. Now screw the pull handle clock-wise so the system is fully locked.

This coupling is particularly useful when mixing and matching cylinder sets for different gas mixes and when refilling. Additional male or female fittings are available separately for this reason.


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