Custom Divers Reel & AP Valves Self Inflating SMB

AP Diving

The Ultimate reel & smb package!!

Custom Divers 70 mtr ratchet reel.

These reels have been designed to offer both ratchet and free run functions. The required mode is selected by pulling and turning the sprung knob which is located at the bottom of the spool. Because of its unique design, the reels are snag-free and the tension of the spool run may also be adjusted to suit individual needs. The reels are now available with a choice of white, neon yellow or pink line. The main body is manufactured from precision machined high grade black PVC and all other fittings are made from stainless steel.

AP Valves self inflating smb.

This SMB comes with a 0.1 litre 232 bar mini-cylinder. The mini cylinder can be easily refilled from your main cylinder prior to the dive. The dump valve prevents over-inflation. Available in DIN or A-Clamp.


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