Custom Divers Weight Pocket

Custom Divers

Custom Divers Quick Fit weight pocket

The Quick Fit Weight Pocket is easy to fit to add weight for all requirements by attaching to Wings/BCD Systems and trimming equipment without fuss. The pocket has a maximum capacity weight of 2kgs block lead or shot.

The system comprises of two pockets flaps which are secured with strong Velcro and fastened together with a 25mm side release buckle. The weight may be quickly released by unfastening the side buckle and pulling down the lower flap of the pocket.

Designed to be fastened to standard 50mm webbing belts or cam belts, the rear of the pocket has a reinforced webbing loop so webbing straps may be threaded through for a permanent fix or alternatively secured simply and quickly using the rear overlapping Velcro straps.

The Quick Fit Weight Pocket is constructed from a strong Cordura material which provides excellent durability even after numerous sea water immersions.

Each pocket weighs 0.1kgs without any weights attached. Approx dimensions: 95mm wide, 130mm length, 50mm depth.


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