Fourth Element Seeker Mask

Fourth Element


Maximised field of vision for sights unseen. Designed with new facial geometry and ultra soft silicone skirt, the Seeker mask provide outstanding fit and unparalleled field of vision.

The Seeker mask was designed with two main objectives: maximise the diver’s field of vision to be as close as possible to the experience of not wearing a mask using a single lens and to fit everyone – well, nearly everyone. New facial geometry was combined with a soft silicone skirt to provide an outstanding and comfortable fit.

The low volume design allows easy equalisation and mask clearing as well as creating a visual experience which is wider and brighter than ever before – with a near natural field of view.

  • Near-natural field of vision
  • Universal fit
  • Unique facial geometry ensures low volume with excellent fit.
  • Two lens options – Clarity and Contrast
  • Optimal comfort with a soft silicone face seal that moulds to your face
  • Stylish moulded fourth element logo
  • Compatible with our fourth element recycled elastic straps
  • Durable protection and easy storage with a low profile case


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