Garmin Descent T2 Transmitter


Take your diving to the next level by pairing the Descent T2 transceiver with your compatible air-integrated Descent™ dive computer. With SubWave™ sonar technology and advanced features, stay connected with your dive buddies, monitor tank information, and communicate seamlessly underwater.

Garmin Descent T2 Transceiver Key Features:

  • Enhanced SubWave™ Sonar Technology: Monitor up to 8 tanks underwater, keeping track of air pressure, depth, use rate, and remaining time for various diving scenarios.
  • Diver Communication (Coming Soon): Communicate effortlessly with other networked buddies wearing Descent™ Mk3i dive computers via preformatted messages.
  • Deep Dive-Rated: Dive confidently to depths of up to 200 meters (20 ATM) with the Descent T2 transceiver, built to withstand challenging underwater conditions.

Tank Monitoring:

  • Know Your Tank: Receive real-time updates on tank pressure, air time remaining, air consumption rate, and battery status, all directly sent to your paired air-integrated Descent dive computer.
  • Link Multiple Divers: Connect with up to 8 transceivers on your group’s tanks, allowing you to see your dive buddies’ tank pressures and depths at a glance. The range extends up to 10 meters, providing comprehensive situational awareness.
  • Easy Tank ID: Streamline the tank identification process with a wireless area networking pairing system, making it simple to recognize your buddies and their Descent T2 tank transceivers.

Diver Messaging (Coming Soon):

  • Exchange Messages: Stay connected with other Descent T2 transceiver-networked buddies wearing Descent Mk3i dive computers. Exchange preformatted diver-to-diver messages up to 30 meters away, enhancing communication and coordination underwater.

Experience a new level of confidence, awareness, and communication on your dives with the Descent T2 transceiver. Whether monitoring tank information or exchanging messages with your buddies, this device is designed to elevate your underwater adventures. Dive deeper, dive smarter, and stay connected with Garmin technology.


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