Green River 16cm Knife


This knife is manufactured by Victory Knives in New Zealand. Victory Knives was founded by Edward Goddard, a master cutler from Sheffield, England in 1927 when he emigrated to New Zealand. They have been making the highest quality Diving, Combat and Culinary knives ever since including being a major supplier to the U.S Military during World War II. “Green River” is actually the name of the blades shape and as such there are many knives using the term Green River. This however is the original diving knife by the original manufacturer that made the blade shape and design a household name for commercial divers worldwide.

Victory Green river diving knife – The Backstabber

The best commercial diving knife with the best commercial sheath.

Sheath including lockable stainless steel carabiner, 2 x stainless steel split ring and cord.

Size 16 cm with blunt tip.


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