Kubi Dryglove Complete System


Kubi dryglove complete system – Standard range – fit yourself at home. No gluing required

Kubi dryglove systems are popular with the tech diving market.

Kubi use durable aluminium rings instead of plastic and are extremely strong & lightweight. They are resisitant to hot and cold conditions allowing a watertight connection.

Easy to don & doff without the need to twist or need for complicated mechanisms.

Compatible with any seal, Latex, Silicone etc.

4 ring sizes are available for different hand sizes

The Kubi standard system range is designed to be fitted to the existing latex or silicone cuff selas of a drysuit.

The system includes Kubi alu cuff & glove ring system, standard latex outer gloves, standard thermal inner gloves & Kubi branded carry bag.


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