Mares Heavy Pure Sidemount Set


A complete “sidemount” system in every detail, also perfect for heavy clothing, consisting of bag and harness.

The lead pocket, when configured correctly, facilitates buoyancy in the water for technical divers, proving extremely important.

The kit is completed by the rubber bands for positioning the cylinders.

The Heavy Pure Sidemount Set was created by Mares in order to satisfy lovers of the sidemount configuration in temperate waters. The bigger sack and the harness with steel accessories make it heavier and therefore suitable to compensate for a greater wearing. The sack, while performing at extremely high standards, boasts a capacity of 16 liters, offering a good thrust even in a heavy configuration.

The Pure Light Sidemount Set includes:
• 417542 – pure light sidemount bag – 16 liters
• 417528 – upper mounting plate for 316 stainless steel sidemount
• 417529 – lower mounting plate for 316 stainless steel sidemount
• 417530 – end mounting plate for 316 stainless steel sidemount
• 417531 – side rings for 316 aluminium sidemount (d&s)
• 417501 – heavy light full body harness
• 417532 – rear weight module for sidemount
• 417534 – detachable rear pocket for sidemount
• 417535 – tank elastic bands for sidemount

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