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The new Snorkel@ diving snorkel is entirely made of  silicone and is completely foldable. It can be easily stored in its storage case and rolled up, making it a real little “snail” ideal for taking with you anywhere!
The snorkel comes with a shell in which it is stored, equipped with a lanyard for attachment to the BCD or pocket.
The Snorkel@ is extremely suitable for travelling. It can be carried when folded in the pocket during the dive so as not to restrict movement.Thanks to its ergonomic curvature that wraps around the head, finning, even with equipment, is particularly easy and comfortable.
The special shape of the top prevents water from entering during snorkelling; extra protection for the diver’s safety and comfort.

The main features of the Snorkel diving snorkel@ are:
– Ergonomic shape
– Compact, foldable design
– Can be stored in a jacket pocket or attached to the jacket
– Entirely made of silicone for greater flexibility and durability
– Tube top designed to prevent water in entry while snorkelling
– Ideal for travelling”


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