Neo Slix – Suit Lubricant

Ensure a fast and stress-free entry or exit from neoprene wetsuits and drysuits using Neo Slix. Proven to reduce transition time by up to 60 per cent, this spray on formula is ideal for scuba divers, surfers and triathletes.

Great for dive trips when putting wetsuits on multiple times a day.

It also helps prevent uncomfortable skin rashes caused by wetsuit abrasion areas.

Make suit entry simple and retain its appearance and performance with Neo Slix.

  • Lubricates – Allows for ease of suit entry and reduces transition time; available in a 250 ml spray bottle
  • Non-Toxic – This hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula prevents skin rashes for watersports enthusiasts
  • Protects – Extends suit life by reducing stress to critical failure points such as seals, zippers and pull cords
  • Multipurpose – Spray on latex seals, neoprene suits, silicone and rubber gear


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