Ni Glow Marker

Ni-Glo is a unique self-glow marking device measuring only 5cm x 1.2cm

Can be repeatedly recharged when required. Recharge takes place by exposure to sun or artificial light sources i/e torches, LED’s, car headlamps etc.

Ni-Glo will begin to function after only ten minutes exposure to direct light but a longer charge or stronger light source will increase
Ni-Glo brightness and prolong it’s afterglow.

Ni-Glo is battery free, safe and non-hazardous.
Glows for up to 10 years
Glows in bright green for over 12 hours in darkness
Visibility 20 meters
Waterproof to 25 meters
Environmentally friendly
Requires no power
Tintet acrylic UV-protectet housing
Length: 5cm
Width: 1.2cm




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