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Designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s Commercial/Professional Diver, it leverages the best features found on other FFMs with unique features designed by OTS.

” Ive tried loads of full face masks & the guardian is by far the best ever ” Mark James – MSDS Marine.( marine & coastal archaeological contractor )

OTS Full Face Mask

Unlike many other Full Face Masks (FFMs) which are modified gas masks, the Full Face Mask was designed for diving from the ground up. Our design leverages the best features found on other FFMs with unique added features.

The second stage regulator is horizontally mounted close to the diver’s face. This design minimizes the difference in ambient pressure exerted on the second stage diaphragm and on the diver’s body irrespective of the diver’s position eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

A locking mechanism secures the second stage to the mask to allow removal for post-dive cleaning and storage. As a safety precaution, the locking mechanism is located inside the mask to prevent accidental release during diving.

Another noteworthy design feature is the use of a double face seal. This allows a single mask to fit more faces. No more use of rubber tubing to fit smaller faces, measuring faces to order the right size FFM, or not being able to share masks amongst large and smaller faced divers

Features & Benefits:

Removable 2nd stage for easy cleaning and storage (cannot be used w/o mask).

Made of a one-piece, pliable silicone skirt combined with injection-moulded, high-impact glass-filled nylon frame and regulator housing.

Double face seal and slightly smaller/low volume oral nasal cavity to fit most faces.

Customizable nose block equalisation.

Air flow is directed up the visor face to eliminate fogging and through one-way valves in the oral nasal pocket to reduce CO2 retention.

Second stage comes off the right shoulder and uses a standard LP hose.

Communications port for easy installation of a Buddy Phone or ear/microphone assembly to connect to OTS Diver Communications Unit such as the Aquacom SSB-2010.

OTS Ambient Breathing Valve(ABV) allows the diver to breathe ambient air at surface, thus conserving scuba air.

Includes mask bag and 32″ LP hose.



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