Pandora-Lab Multi Tool



The Pandora Lab Regulator titanium  multitool is a compact and handy gadget for any diver to adjust and repair their regulator and other scuba equipment.

Laser cut from a single piece of titanium the multitool is strong, light and most importantly rust resistant.

The multi-tool has over 15 applications specific for scuba divers to remove hoses, port plugs and adjust regulators

12,14,15,16,17,19mm Spanners for hoses and nuts

4,5,6,8,10mm Hex Wrenches for nuts

4,5,6mm Allen Keys for port plugs

K Inflator Tool for BCD inflators

Spline Wrench for Scubapro hoses

Hook Wrench for 1st stage ends

Bottle Opener for after the dive

Orifice Adjustment Tool for adjusting 2nd stages


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