Scubapro Fusion Dry Snorkel


Never clear your snorkel again with the Scubapro Fusion Dry Snorkel. Featuring their new Dry-Top Design the Fusion Dry is almost completely resistant to water getting into the system.

The hydrodynamically shaped guard at the top stops water splashing into the snorkel as you breathe at the surface. Hydrodynamically shaped, it cuts through the water, producing less drag as you swim making it more comfortable over long dives..

When you submerge a valve closes at the top of the snorkel stopping any water getting in into the snorkel even when you dive.

The silicone mouthpiece provides a secure fit for your mouth while the silicone itself is soft and comfortable. A small tab on the mouthpiece rests on the palette helping to stop your mouth drying out under the water meaning you can enjoy your dive for longer. Below the mouthpiece a water trap ensures any water that slips into the system doesn’t interrupt your breathing while an efficient purge valve rapidly pushes any liquid out of the snorkel as you exhale.

The upper portion of the air pipe is rigid for improved stability in the water while the lower is flexible allowing the mouthpiece to drop away easily when you’re not wearing it. A patented quick disconnect clips means you can easily remove and attach the snorkel from your mask at the moments notice.

The Fusion Dry’s innovative and high-end design is something of a game changer that will allow both beginners and experienced snorkelers to enjoy their diving far more.


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