Scubapro Smart + Transmitter


Scubapro Smart + Transmitter

Enjoy the convenience of air integration without the hassle of a dangling hose. This
low-profile Smart transmitter works with SCUBAPRO’s most advanced dive computers.
It screws into a high pressure port on your first stage and relays tank pressure and true
remaining bottom time (RBT) to the computer screen.
´ Easy to use, you only need to pair it to your dive computer once – the first time you
use it.
´ Coded transmission technology prevents interference between different dive
´ Powered by a 3V CR 2/3 AA lithium-manganese battery that’s good for two years or
400 to 450 dives.
´ Operating temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
´ Maximum operating pressure: 300 bar
´ Maximum operating depth: 300 m
´ Battery life: 2 years / 450 dives
´ Weight: 120g
´ Length: 8.5 cm
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