Scubapro X – Black BCD



The new X-Black features all new the exclusive AirFlex system, highlighted by the red bungees, that simplifies buoyancy control and guarantees high stability. With rigid-backed weight pockets, redesigned dump valves, updated BPI and elbow. One of our most feature rich BCs, the X-Black is also one of the most comfortable even when fully inflated thanks to its ergonomic cut.

NEW Weight Pockets X-Black features new weight pockets with a plastic backing, making them more rigid when filled and thus easier to insert and pull out. This new design uses a standard buckle for a sure hold and fast access in case of emergency release.

NEW Dump Valves The classic SCUBAPRO dump valves have been redesigned to increase the air passage cross-section by 15% for better reaction. We have also added a stronger thread and the dump system is lower profile, for less bulk. The lanyard knob is now easier to grasp and pull thanks to its new shape.

NEW BPI and Elbow The Balanced Power Inflator has been updated with a streamlined and more ergonomic design. The inflation button is easier to locate and requires less effort. A soft mouthpiece has been added. The corrugated hose features a new, easier to use SQAP (Safe and Quick Air Pin) lever and a new connection between hose and elbow valve.


Original price was: £759.00.Current price is: £699.00.

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