Suunto CB Two In Line Twin Gauge



The Suunto CB Two in Line Console has a pressure and depth gauge which makes this a high-performance that features a 300 bar pressure gauge and a 70m depth gauge (SM16) housed compactly in a modular design shell.

The Suunto SM16 depth gauge has a Bourdon tube mechanism with a gear system. The 0 to 9m zone on the non-linear scale is highlighted with an increasing green hatch and the increasing green hatch and the increasing red hatch represents 35 to 70m zone.

On the other hand, the tank pressure gauge features a safety-pin-type tube and a gear mechanism. 0-50 bar zone is highlighted with red hatching on the linear scale, providing a clear indication of low cylinder pressure.

Moreover, both the gauge have phosphorescent dials that offer concise and clear readability to the diver in low light conditions. This robust and sturdy unit can be conveniently extended to incorporate an additional compass or computer as well as to substitute a damaged component.


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