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Suunto D5 is designed to be so clear and easy-to-use that you can just enjoy and focus on exploring the wonderful underwater world. When not diving, connect wirelessly to Suunto app and receive notifications from the applications you use. Play with style by choosing your favorite color or just by simply changing the straps to match your looks. Suunto D5 connects your two lives: the adventure under the surface but also the great experiences you can relive and share with your friends afterwards.

The Suunto D5 Dive Computer is a newest addition to the Suunto dive computer watch series. With a full colour screen and some new features which Suunto havent included in their watch series before. This is definitely Suunto raising upping the bar.

The Screen:

The back lit full colourful screen allows you to see the information displayed in a very clear and simple way. The type of screen used in this watch ensure that during your dive the screen is clearer than any other watch computer they have previously release in any light. A new addition is the customisability of your dive screens, which is a first for the Suunto dive watch range.

The Battery:

A fantastic addition to the Suunto range is that this watch computer comes with a rechargeable battery. This means no more running around before that dive holiday trying to get the battery changed on your computer. Simply plug in the USB cable to any powered device, a power bank, laptop or USB plug, and you are charging.

The Dive Modes & Bluetooth:

The Suunto D5 dive computer comes with 5 modes, Air, Nitrox, Freedive, Gauge and Watch mode. The beauty of this unit is that the computers Bluetooth connects direct to an app on your smart phone or tablet to allow for easy downloading of your dives.

The button configuration on the D5 is more in line with the EON Steel and EON Core a 3-button interface, rather than the previous watch style like the D4i Novo or D6i Novo featuring 4 buttons.

Suunto D5 Dive Computer features:

  • A full colour (MIP) display with LED backlight
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Choose from four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive and Gauge
  • Wireless tank pressure readings with Suunto Tank POD
  • Vibration and sound alarms
  • Tilt compensated 3D digital compass
  • Compatible with the Suunto app and Suunto DM5
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User-updatable software
  • 18 languages

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