Waterproof W4 Suit


Waterproof W4 Semi Dry suit.

Available in 5mm 

W4 is the latest back-zip wetsuit from Waterproof.

After 28 years of experience of making wetsuits we have put all our knowledge into this hi-quality suit with an eye-catching silverish retro/futuristic look.

The 3D anatomical design, with pre-bent arms and legs with stretch panels and gender specific construction ensures a comfortable fit and a relaxing body position in the water.

3D moulded rubber kneepads is perfect for the diving instructor who spends a lot of time on his/her knees in the water while teaching.

  • 100% MICROCELL CR NEOPRENE – More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that really works for diving. Excellent durability and insulation far better than other Neoprene qualities, like SBR, SCR etc.
  • 3D KNEEPADS – 3D moulded vulcanized rubber kneepads. Note the unique design that enables unrestricted leg movements via the “hinge effect”.
  • 3D SCULPTED SUIT – With pre-bent arms and legs for maximum anatomical fit.
  • A SEAT THAT GRIPS – Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection.
  • BRONZE SLIDER – Provide consistent ease of operation and hardcore durability.
  • COMFORT ZIPPER – Fully gusseted “Comfort Zipper” to relieve stress on the surface.
  • COMPUTER STRAP ANCHOR – To prevent the computer from slipping off your arm when gloves are removed or suit is compressed. The antislip surface makes the computer stay in place.
  • DOUBLE SEALS – Generous double seals made from smooth skin neoprene with zipper at arms and legs. YKK #10 Vislon zipper features a TA slider with an anti slip designed ZipGrip.
  • GENDER SPECIFIC STYLING – Provides comfortable lift and support for the female diver.
  • MOULDED VELCRO TAB – A moulded TPU Velcro tabs with Japanese Velcro Plush for maximum hold and good looks.
  • REINFORCED SHOULDERS – Critical area abrasion and antislip protection.
  • SPINEPAD 10mm – 10 mm thick and pre-shaped to fit neck area.
  • TOUGHTEX – on elbows and knees. Best way to armour your suit.
  • WAVEFLEX ARM PANELS – In hollow of arms provide an easier movement.
  • WAVEFLEX LEG PANELS – In hollow of knee provide an easier movement.
  • WPAD – The WPAD, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right thigh for a line of new accessories, like pockets.
  • ZIPPER GRIP – An Antislip designed knob for enhanced grip with or without gloves.



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