XDeep Stealth 2.0 REC Sidemount System



Slightly less buoyancy compared against the TEC. – 13 LTR v 19 LTR

13 LTR buoyancy is perfect for wreck diving, cave diving & recreational diving with up to 2 cylinders.

Using the stealth 2.0 harness system. It allows quick,easy shoulder adjustment for that perfect fit.Waist strap is made of hard webbing to stop movemnet of cylinders, the shoulder straps are medium compound for comfort & flexibility whilst the crotch strap is made for soft webbing for comfort!.

Also comes with the XDeep modular weight system backpad with 4 pocket size options.

Simpler, smaller and straightforward to use, perfect for recreational diving.

The neat and tidy wing ensures easy access to the dump valve if you don’t have a long reach.

The inflator can be easily swapped to either side depending on your preference.


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