XDeep Zen Wing System – lightweight wing



aluminium backplate  & standard harness

aluminium backplate & deluxe harness 

2 backplate sizes available

XDEEPs take on the traditional wing and backplate design with new style backplate and a redesigned wing for improved stability and comfort. Tough and hardwearing this system is perfect for those wanting a rugged, lightweight wing for travel or diving where less weight is required.

XDEEP took the traditional donut style wing back to the drawing board, moving the position of the inflator meant that they reduced the ‘dead zone’ of air that is wasted as potential lift as it sits above the surface of the water rather than lifting you above it. This small design feature elevates your sitting position when at the surface creating a more stability.

The compact inflator combined with the compact small inflator meant the upper part of the NX wings has been reduced creating unparalleled ease of access when needing to reach your valves. This also creates smoother more otpimal hose routing

NX wings have a narrower profile than their traditional counter parts yet retain all the lift required by reducing the wasted space where the backplate connects to the wing. This profile increase streamlining, reducing gas consumption.

retaining all the features of a continual harness, xDEEP created a new style of backplate and harness routing that is easier to thread, set up and adjust.

A new ergonomic backplate shape, distributing the weight in a more comfortable manner. By increasing the width of the top and bottom of the BP the new shape takes into account the anatomy of the human back and works it to an advantage. More comfort and more stability

It is also easier to don and doff than a traditional wing and harness system. NX harnesses have a longer distance between the anchoring points allowing for an easier fit. The waist strap can be used to tighten the shoulder straps creating a perfect fit each time.

Deluxe harness comes with quick release pinch clips and more shoulder padding.

Small backplate for divers under 170cm.


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