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Surface Marker Buoy Diver

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Introduction to the Surface Marker Buoy Diver Speciality

Want to help the dive boat follow you during a drift dive, or to have a useful visual reference during an ascent in the blue? What you need is a delayed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), and the training to use it safely.

Further information and options

During this one-day course (2 open water dives) you will learn:

  • The effects of tides and currents.
  • Types of surface marker buoy.
  • Types of reel.
  • Methods of delayed SMB deployment.
  • Risks and Hazards of SMB use.

During the dives you will deploy SMB’s for real, firstly while sitting on the bottom and then whilst hovering mid-water. You will get practice at diving whilst towing an SMB, and also ascending using the line as a reference while you reel it in.