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Posted 08.11.2022

Our Top 20 Diving Gift Ideas

Buying for divers can be incredibly tricky but we can help! In this blog we have pulled together our top 20 diving themed gifts to give you some ideas. We are all divers at Go Dive, and we speak to a lot of them, and we can confirm that we would be made up to unwrap any of these this Christmas (or any other time for that matter)!

We have tried to find things for every budget. We are also really happy to provide advice if you are unsure about anything. You can pop into our large shop any time or give the team a call and we will help.

Apeks Finger Spool1 Apeks 60m Spool£84.99

These finger spools are beautifully made and have loads of uses for divers. Any diver we know would be made up to get one in their Christmas stocking!

2 Fourth Element Navigator Mask£74.95

At Go Dive we love Fourth Element! They consistently deliver with beautifully designed products that not only look stunning but that perform exceptionally well underwater.

The mask comes with a silicon strap but for extra comfort you can choose to upgrade to an elasticated mask.

Top Tip: For anyone with slightly longer hair diving without a hood these offer maximum comfort!

3 360 Observe Mirror – £21.95

In the words of our manager James, this is a great little gift! This small convex mirror is worn around your hand and wrist and lets divers keep an eye on what’s happening around them! If the diver in your life has ever complained about having ‘one of those’ buddies who always likes to dive in your blind spot then this might be just the present for them!

Dive guides can easily see a group of divers without needing to turn round. Instructors can watch a student perform skills, and even make eye contact through the mirror to reassure them. Technical divers can use the 360 Observe to do a bubble check on hard to see valves, or check a piece of equipment attached to the side or behind is where it should be and performing correctly. It has multiple uses for divers and can even be useful for other sports including skiing and cycling.

XS Scuba Magnetic Hose Holder4 Clips! – Various Prices

Divers LOVE clips! They stop them losing high value items and ensures they can get to the items they need quickly. We love these coiled lanyards that unclip to provide extra length.


We also love this magnetic hose holder! Its possibly the cutest design we have seen to help keep hoses tidy AND its super easy to release in the case of emergency as only one pull is needed


5 Fourth Element Tidal Robe – £169.95

Available in a range of colours including orange and green, the Fourth Element Tidal Robe is perfect for après diving to keep the diver in your life toasty warm! We love them after diving, on the beach, after open-water swimming, camping or pretty much anywhere you want to be warm and protected from the elements whilst feeling snuggly!

Made from recycled material, this full zip Tidal Robe has been built to keep the warmth in and the elements out. Tested by hardy ocean users, this super soft fleece-lined robe, with handwarmer pockets, is perfect for keeping cosy after time spent in the water.

Use it to warm up after a session in or on the water, or to cover up between dives. This robe is fully fleece-lined for after-swim warmth and is made using approximately 50 recycled plastic bottles.

If you prefer a over the head version with out a zip then check out the Fourth Element Storm Poncho!

6 Waterproof changing mat£22.50

Not all diving sites have lovely dry ground like the car park at Stoney Cove to get changed on and that’s why a waterproof changing mat can be really helpful. Its idea to stand on to protect your feet and drysuit as well as keeping your clothes clean and dry. An absolutely essential bit of equipment that any diver will love!

XDeep Hoody7 XDeep Hoody£69.99

This hoody from XDeep looks great and we can confirm having had them in the shop for a while that they are extremely warm and snuggly. Available in both grey and black they make a great gift to help keep any diver warm post dive, or to just wear because they look cool!

8 Diving JewelleryVarious

We sell a range of beautiful diving related jewellery that is perfect if you are looking an unusual, but special, present for a diver! This dive mask pendant silver necklace is beautiful and we love it! If there is something specific you are after, but we don’t have it on our website, get in touch as we may well be able to help.

Sola Dive 2500 S/F Torch9 Torch – Various

Divers love torches and they have developed so much over the last ten years that most dives would welcome a new torch any time. We have taken two of our best sellers, and personal favourites amongst our dive team, to suggest two great value torches.

The Orca D520 is a palm sized torch that is powered on and off with a simple twist of the head. With a max output of 1000 lumens, it’s a little but super bright torch!

For anyone with a slightly bigger budget then you can’t go wrong with the Sola Dive 2500 torch! It offers what we think is the most versatile underwater lighting solution currently available. With a nifty hand free mount, depth rating to 100m and 2500 lumen output it’s a must for any diver and we’d think all our Christmases had come had once if we received one this year!

10 Protected Wreck Top Trumps – £7.50

A perfect stocking filler, the protected wreck top trumps game was developed by our friends at MSDS Marine. The card game is easy to play and fun for all ages and a great way to find out more about wrecks ranging from the Bronze Age to the 20th century.

Green River 16cm Knife11 Knife – Various

Every diver needs a knife as part of their kit – a knife or line cutter can help cut through line or rope that can cause them to get entangled. Line cutters are exceptionally sharp and brilliant in low visibility environments – they were originally developed for cave divers – as they are too thin to stop you accidently cutting through something important… like your air hose! Knives tend to be stainless steel so don’t rust like line cutters. Both have their uses and make a great gift for a diver.

For a line cutter we love the Eezycut Trilobite Cutter – it’s beautifully designed and super sharp.

For a small knife this one from Beaver that mounts on your BCD for easy access.

If size if your thing then you can not beat this one from Green River – affectionally known as ‘the backstabber’! Green River knives are loved by commercial divers and make a rather impressive present.

XDeep Closed SMB12 XDeep Closed SMB – £44.99

Every diver needs an SMB to make sure they are visible when diving in the sea. This SMB from XDeep is one of our bestsellers.

Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag - Blue13 Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag – £79.99

We love Fourth Element at Go Dive – after all we were the UK’s first Fourth Element concept store! These expedition bags are brilliant; high quality, beautifully made and highly attractive – what’s not to like! Great for hauling your dive equipment on and off dive boats but just as good for travelling due to eh padded rucksack carry straps. Available in bright blue or orange which makes it easy to find in low light conditions (great for cave divers!) and distinctive enough to stand out amongst the bags of your fellow divers or on an airport luggage carousel.

14 South Coast Shipwrecks Book – £19.99

Dave Wendes is one of the best dive boat skippers (check out his page http://wightspirit.co.uk) we know and his South Coast Shipwrecks book makes a fantastic gift for any diver. Dave has a wealth of knowledge on shipwrecks in the Solent and around the Isle of Wight and his book is presented beautifully!

Sea Gold Mask DeFog15 Sea Gold Mask Anti-Fog Gel – £6.95

Every diver, and snorkeler, will tell you there is nothing more annoying than a mask that fogs up leaving them unable to see properly unless they regularly clear it (and no one wants to do that in cold water too often!). Sea Gold Mask Anti-Fog is the perfect solution, and a great stocking filler, that does exactly what it says on the bottle!

16 Fourth Element Gulper Water Bottle£19.95 – £25.95

Research has shown how important it is for divers to stay properly hydrated to reduce the risk of getting decompression sickness (a bend). If your blood becomes more saturated with nitrogen than oxygen, there’s a more risk of nitrogen gas getting released around your body. Staying hydrated helps to balance this and deal with the nitrogen saturation more efficiently. Help your diver stay safe with this MASSIVE water bottle from Fourth Element! Available in 500ml in black and 900ml in blue.

Pandora-Lab Multi Tool17 Pandora Lab Multi-Tool – £49.95

Divers love gadgets and tools and this one is small but mighty with pretty much everything you need in one place (including some obscure manufacturer specific ones). Its super strong and well made and we constantly see divers raving about these!

18 Mares Puck Pro + Dive Computer – £165 – £179

These dive computers offer exceptional value for money – they are an entry level dive computer, but only in terms of their price! They can handle multi-mix dives and even bluetooth dives to a smartphone. And they look great in a range of colours.

19 Shearwater Perdix 2 Dive Computer£995 – £1,299

If you want to go all out and REALLY treat someone then it has to be a Shearwater Dive Computer. This is the gift to go for if you have just won the lottery and really want to treat someone!

Divers consistently give us glowing reviews on the Perdix 2 and we can see why. Its possibly one of the nicest pieces of dive equipment we have ever seen and would make a wonderful, but expensive, gift!

20 Go Dive Vouchers – £10 – £200

If all else fails and you are still unsure then why not give a Go Dive gift voucher? For last minute gifts we can send these by email direct to your recipient (or to you if you prefer!) or you can choose to have a physical gift voucher if you would prefer! Vouchers can be anywhere from £10 – £200 but if you require a large value voucher (or a physical one posted out) then just call the shop and the team will help.

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